Grant Pontifex - Nuffield Scholar

When a farmer decides to explore the regenerative world of farming, the Nuffield Scholarship is the way to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne (Headmaster) –  ‘Education & Food’ at Harmony Food & Farming conference 2017.

Richard Dunne spoke of his clear vision for the future of education – a curriculum informed by the principles of Harmony and based upon what Dunne calls “enquiries of learning”.

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You can download his Harmony Principles Presentation here.

Harmony written by HRH Prince Charles, Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly.

For the first time, HRH The Prince of Wales shares his views on how our most pressing modern challenges – from climate change to poverty – are rooted in mankind’s disharmony with nature, presenting a compelling case that the solution lies in our ability to regain a balance with the world around us.

With its holistic approach, this provocative and well-reasoned book takes the discussion of sustainability and climate change in a new direction. Prince Charles shows how the solutions to problems like climate change lie not only in technology but in our ability to change the way we view the modern world.

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Michael Jefferies - Soils of Life

Soils for Life is an Outcomes Australia project and has principal purpose of enhancing Australia’s natural environment with a focus on the Australian rural landscape.

The Soils for Life program supports innovative farmers and land managers demonstrating high performance in regenerative landscape management. We believe their stories (see are compelling and can provide confidence for those who want to make a change for the better.

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Call Of The Reed Warbler - Interview with Charles Massey

Charlie Massy, author of ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’, touches on his motivations for writing this ‘book of hope’, his own journey from conventional farmer to regenerative holistic management, landscape illiteracy, tension events and breaking paradigms, and regenerative agriculture’s potential to restore and repair earth systems and human health.

Charles Massy Book Cover

You can purchase Charlie Massy’s insightful book via this link:

Call of the Reed Warbler

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