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Farming Revolution


Farming Revolution is a concept to bring consumers to the forefront of our food production system.

The most important part of our life is our health.
Without our health nothing else matters!

As a society we don’t believe that we have control of our lives. We are constantly being pushed into a corner and told to conform. We must be compliant or get issued a fine.

The most important part of our life is our health. Without our health nothing else matters!

Superior mineral-dense food is the answer to this. Unfortunately industrially and intensively produced food is no longer healthy for us. In fact this type of agriculture is detrimental to our environment, river systems, our farmers’ mental health, our society’s health in general and our economy. This type of agriculture is not sustainable and has to stop.

In a world where we believe we are no longer important because of the greed of massively powerful multi national corporations, let Farming Revolution give you the ability to understand that we CAN make a difference. Realize that we can make change happen and it needs to happen at grass roots level. No one can stop us. A revolution will happen because our lives depend on it.


Australia will lead the world with superior food production and supply.
100% of Australian farmers will be regeneratively farming and resting our land according to the climate.


To create awareness that decisions made by consumers have a direct impact on our farmers’ welfare. Collectively we have the power to make change happen by demanding regeneratively grown food.


Bringing Australian farmers & consumers closer together. To network regenerative educators, farmers, beekeepers, biological application manufacturers, food producers and suppliers, under one banner – a regenerative banner – to protect our food & our lives.

Patrick Holden Founder of Sustainable Food Trust, UK

A dairy farmer in West Wales – Patrick is an organic advocate and producer, and now the director of Sustainable Food Trust UK.

the fear of change

It is not an easy shift from something you are familiar with to something that is different and unfamiliar.

Having sat, in conference after conference, and listened to the questions from farmers and beekeepers, I have noticed there is an underlying fear.

I am naturally a risk taker but for most people this is not an option. What I fear most is becoming stagnant, the inability to NOT change.

For me personally my fear is to be incapacitated and unable to use my body to live. This was a reality for me, lying unable to move, forced me to face my fear. I had to change my ways.

Ask yourself what you are fearful of? Talk your way through how this may affect your decisions. There will be a point when you either hit a dead end or your mindset will alter. This is the concept ‘thinking outside the box’.

For an Industrial Farmer to change their way of thinking to become a Regenerative Farmer is extremely difficult for some. It is the equivalent of learning a foreign language. This in turn is exacerbated by the information being fed to them by the Industrial world.

My advice to those of you who fear change is to step outside your comfort zone. Step into the regenerative world for one day and I promise you, that you will never look back.

At the end of the day, all of us are consumers, all of us have the right to eat healthy food and drink clean water. We need to take back control and face our fears because maybe, just maybe those fears don’t actually exist in reality.

Tamzin Revell

Farming Revolution Founder