Regenerative Farmers

Mixed Broad Acre

Di Haggerty talks about their farming operation in WA at the Nutrisoil conference 2018.

Di and Ian Haggerty of Prospect Pastoral farm approx. 30,000ha in the wheatbelt WA using their own regenerative farming practices they call Natural Intelligence Farming. Di spoke at the NutriSoil Annual Event – A New Agriculture on June 28 2018 to a crowd of over 212 attendees. She explains how they are cropping on broad acreage in marginal conditions using Nutrisoil and a compost extract they make themselves, minimal chemical and next to no synthetic fertilisers. Their sheep play an integral role contributing to a healthy microbial soil. They have now got native perennials growing over Summer contributing to healthy crops and much more to learn about in this presentation.

No Kill Cropping

Angus Maurice talks to Bruce Maynard about the principles of no kill cropping and how advantageous the farming practice is to lower input costs, increase potential productivity and therefore increase financial profit.


Morag Gamble of Our Permaculture Life – – takes you for an introductory tour of one of Australia’s first city farms, Northey Street City Farm – – which she helped to establish in 1994.

Regenerative Dairy Farmers (West Wales UK)

Compassion in dairy farming by Patrick Holden on 8 March, 2019 in Patrick’s Blog.

Because I am an organic dairy farmer and I am aware that more and more people are questioning the ethics of dairy farming, I thought it might be appropriate to share my perspective on why I still feel, after 45 years of milking cows, that it is possible to develop and maintain a relatively harmonious relationship with dairy cows.

We farm in West Wales, near Lampeter; here is our story.


The Ecoganic farming system, promotion for G20 Brisbane 2015.

The Eco Banana β€˜Wax Tip Banana’ is the creation and passion of Frank and Dianne Sciacca of Pacific Coast Produce QLD


Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips.

Every farm and homestead can enjoy the timeless pleasure of a fruit orchard. Yet this can also be challenging, because few people today have the depth of knowledge and experience that’s needed to produce healthy trees and nutritious, great-tasting fruit. At the same time, both orchardists and consumers are looking to avoid spraying harmful and expensive chemicals on their trees.

Hamish Mackay explaining Bio Dynamics

Bio Dynamics is a form of regenerative farming, taking on a more spiritual form of connection with our land and the universe.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone – The Urban Farmer

Using a small amount of land in a residential area to produce a profitable income. Create demand before producing, know your local market and use a good business plan.

Broad Acre

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Dairy Farm

Oxhill Organics produces organic milk from regenerated pastures. Chris Eggert explains how his pastures have survived these dry times and to produce healthy milk means the soil has to be healthy too.

Click here or on the image below to watch his Facebook video.

Find out more about Oxhill Organics here:

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