Photosynthesis & Plants

Inspiring The World About Soil and Plant Health.
Mick Alexander at TEDx Rockhampton.

Mick Alexander is a pasture and grazing specialist who works within the Queensland and New South Wales agricultural industry. He is passionate about grazing and farming best practices, and will be speaking about how healthy soil relates to healthy humans – how farmers and agriculture are a solution for the future.

Ted’s Leptospernum plantation at home 2017

Ted Allender owns and operates a nursery in West Victoria. He grows many native species of plants but has a passion for cultivating Leptospernum varieties. His drive to cross pollinate a highly active plant with a more hardy Leptospernum has resulted in a highly productive and robust 3rd generation of L.Polygalifolium x L. Scoparium.

Find out more about Ted and his work here:

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