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Jay Fuhrer - The Five Principles of Soil Health
Interview at Groundswell 2019

Jay Fuhrer, NRCS Soil Health Specialist talks through his principles of Conservation Agriculture or Soil Health at The Groundswell Show, June 2019. These are: Soil Armor, Minimizing Soil Disturbance, Plant Diversity, Continual Live Plant/Root, and Livestock Integration.

Dr Christo Miliotis

Dr Christo Miliotis explaining how the soil activator works in Bio Dynamics.

How to use the Biodynamic Soil activator for your garden, farm or orchard even your compost of worm farm. The video explains how you can use it to increase yields, improve soil fertility, decrease pest attack and plant disease. Improve soil structure , water holding capacity, draw down carbon , increase humus formation. I can be use as a dip for your transplants to reduce transplant stress as a seed dip to increase germination . It will help improve taste and shelf life and so much more . It can even increase worms in your soil up to four fold and yields up to 40%.

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