Regenerative Livestock Farming

Growing the Grazing Revolution – Mid Lachlan Landcare and CMA

A grazing revolution is happening in the hills around Canowindra and Cowra.

Mid Lachlan Landcare are runing a very successful model for improving grazing management in the area – ‘Growing the Grazing revolution’.

Scott Hickman, facilitator of this project, is instrumental to its success and delivery, here is the story.


Regenerative Agriculture – Poultry – Paddock to Plate Story.

Grow Love Project toured the Central West and spoke with Bryan and Kim Kiss of Grassland Poultry who produce meat bird chickens using the Sommerlad breed on their holistically managed farm called Meramie. Based 30 kms east of Wellington, NSW, The poultry business complements their beef and sheep enterprises. The pasture raised birds forage freely outdoors with shelters that are moved daily across fresh paddocks. The birds’ natural behaviour add a boost to the landscape digging up and fertilising the soil which in turn benefits the other animals that graze the land.

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Regenerative Agriculture – Better Pork. Michael Hicks from Extraordinary Pork in Dubbo, NSW shares his emotional farming story. Walking away from the family farm was heart-wrenching. But an overseas trip taught him about a new way to farm.

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Egg Laying Hens - Just Got Laid

Kerry and Brad farm in South Australia. They use their happy chickens to fertilize their land as they travel across the paddocks.

They also sell their regeneratively farmed eggs, locally. Check out their Facebook page here.


Charlie Arnott of Hanaminno Farm in Boorowa, NSW shares about the life changing moments that led him to dramatically change his farming practices.

Our shorthorn cattle spend all their lives on our property, without the use of chemicals, vaccinations or hormones. We use organic and Biodynamic principles to manage our soils, grasses, trees and animals, ensuring that all aspects of our environment are considered in a holistic fashion, giving due consideration to the intricate relationships and balance that exists between all living things within the boundaries of our property.

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Restoration Grazing with Jodi Roebuck. Jodi talks about how his grazing benefits the soil and ecology of his small farm.

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Mobile abattoir – Provenir

Chris Balazs is a farmer who realized that there was a real need to remove the transport aspect of growing meat so that the animal’s welfare was priority. Farmers love their animals but the flaw in our meat production system is in the last 3 days. Animals that are stressed release huge amounts of stress hormones that affect the quality of meat, this is passed down the food chain into our digestive system and is not good for our health.

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