You control the future of food. Protect your family and the environment; bite into a farming revolution and taste the difference.

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Have you ever asked....

  • What is the future of my health?
  • What is the future of my environment?
  • What is the future of my planet’s rivers and oceans?
  • How can I reduce the heat in our atmosphere?

There’s one answer…




  • Rebirth or renewal of an entire generation.
  • The regrowth of a part that has been lost or destroyed (our soil).
  • Do you believe that the human race is heading for extinction?
  • Do you believe that our planet is reaching a tipping point?

Tipping Point


The critical point in a situation (our environment) or system (our food) BEYOND which there is a significant and unstoppable effect or CHANGE about to take place. Irreversible.

Imagine if there was one simple solution to all of this. Imagine if every consumer understood the POSITIVE effects of regenerative farming (growing regenerative food).

Imagine if REGENERATIVE FARMING held the key to a secure future for all of us, both city and rural communities.

Well folks this is possible BUT only if every consumer becomes pro active and jumps on-board the Farming Revolution.

How do you do that?

By adding value to your life by buying into a life of a REGENERATOR.




A person who is committed to regeneration.

Today, right now, we are all standing on a knife’s edge. That knife is getting sharper and it’s starting to cut deep! So how do we stop this pain?

Jump into a regenerator’s life with the RApp.





This is the Regenerator App.

  • This is more than an App, this is about starting a REVOLUTION. A revolution in your pocket that follows you around 100% of the time.
  • Educating consumers to demand regenerative food.
  • To start a circular economy by creating your own regenerative business.
  • Align yourself with the biggest global movement of all time.

It is time to start the Farming Revolution

Organic and sustainable is no longer enough.

Our planet needs us!

Regenerators understand the urgency to revolutionise our lives, change our ways and right our wrongs.

Our children need us!

You never lose when you invest in yourself.

The RApp is...

A life long membership that offers a 4 week regenerative discovery package.

A regenerative food box (Gold Coast, Newcastle & Sydney only, until we get more people growing regenerative food so spread the word).

Newcastle and Sydney
Brisbane and Gold Coast

1l super charged worm juice with a packet of multi species cover crop seeds (Australia only, until we get other regenerative businesses aligning themselves in other countries).

A membership to join the Facebook Regenerator community. This is a secure place where all of your ideas and questions can be voiced without any fear of criticism.

Discounts to explore regenerative farming in more depth, field days etc.

Discounts with the collaborators’ courses.

A chance to communicate with the founder (Tamzin) of Farming Revolution to set up a regenerative business.

Meet the Regenerators





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Value your life and the future of your children, join us now.
Our lives depend on us revolutionising our food system.