Matthew Tonkin

Regenerative profit is seen as more than monetary value. There has to be a balance across four sectors of your life before you are truly profitable.

  • Health
  • Time
  • Financial
  • Environment

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Dr Christine Jones

Dr Christine Jones talking holistic approach to improving profit – GroundsWell Agriculture, UK. 2017.

Pennie Scott

Pennie Scott –

Pennie Scott, also known as the Bush Goddess, is a passionate advocate for Australia’s natural landscapes and biodiversity, seeking wisdom from the Laws of Nature.

This transfers into her many years of practice as a regenerative farmer, using permaculture practices on her farm where she raised happy (and delicious) paddock piggies under the Bush Goddess Paddock Pork brand.

Springview Eco-Farm was the inspiration for Pennie’s ‘Paddock$-to-Pocket$’ business model for farmers who want to take control of all aspects of their business and be a price-maker, not a price-taker.

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