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Farming Revolution
Wedge Tailed Eagle In Flight

Join the Australian Regenerative Business Directory

Enjoy year-long business promotion and improve your digital presence and online searchability. You’ll create more awareness for your business and reach more of your ideal customers.

Thank you for your interest in Farming Revolution’s Regenerative Directory.

We aim to bring Australian farmers and customers closer together and to create a network of regenerative businesses, including farmers, graziers, producers, manufacturers, suppliers and educators. The Regenerative Business Directory aims to be an accessible one-stop shop for customers who want to support regenerative businesses.

We believe in a community of collaboration and endorsement to create a change for a healthier future. We care deeply about protecting our environment and food and educating the public on regeneration. Therefore, we aim to keep business membership simple and have a low-cost annual fee. We wish to reward our long-term membership holders by locking in their original sign-up price forever, so long as it doesn’t lapse.

The first 100 members will only pay $120 per year (plus GST).

All you need to do is complete the form below and pay for your annual membership. And just like that, your business listing will be live in the directory. After sign-up, you will have access to your own membership portal, where you can make changes to your listing anytime.

If you are unsure, email Farming Revolution before proceeding.

Answer the questions above before proceeding.

Keep spreading the word of the Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Our Values

Global Citizen

Caring for the world physically and emotionally.


Here to primarily serve the community.


Helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal.


Actively encouraging others to speak so we can all evolve.


To teach others whenever possible.

Our Purpose

In line with our values, the purpose of the directory is to help Australia lead the world in creating a healthier future for ourselves and our land by:

  • Creating change by encouraging more farming producers to operate regeneratively.
  • Bringing Australian farmers and customers closer together.
  • Creating a community and network of regenerative farmers, producers, manufacturers, suppliers, and educators.
  • Creating more public awareness and understanding of regenerative farming.
  • Educating the public about regenerative business models.