Agricultural Machinery

Liquid Systems

There is a need to fracture hard pans caused by industrial farming so roots can grow deeper into the soil. This machine cracks and injects biological application at the same time.

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Liquid Systems

Stripper Header In Action

This is a stripper header, dealing with Australian conditions and leaving tall, standing stubble.

Leaving behind residue is an extremely important part of regenerative farming.

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GroundsWell 2019 - Drill Demo Plots

Disc seeders and direct drill machinery is the way to sow seed without having to disrupt the soil, therefore soil life is left undisturbed to perform its magic.

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Whole Systems Approach

The whole system approach means it’s not just disc seeding and stripping/grazing crops, it’s about changing our mindset, giving our soil a chance to provide for us.

The key to a regenerative farming system is low disturbance – the less disturbance the better, and hence less stimulation of weeds.

In Australia, farmers are moving to a strip ‘n’ disc system in broad acre farming and disc ‘n’ grazing in the no kill cropping system. This achieves huge benefits in ground moisture, longer sowing windows, cost benefits and higher productivity. Importantly, they are building more resilient farming systems that can withstand the extremes of Mother Nature.

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